Digital Air Terminal Information Service

PA Communications are the home of  DATIS- A fully modular hand built 19″ unit either desktop standing or rack mounted.

In 2017 PA released the newest in the DATIS range model DA6U8.

The DA6U8 is a 19” 6U modular repeat announcer system primarily used in an ATC environment, controlled via local operator and ethernet TCP/IP protocol. This is the first DATIS system from PA that can be solely operated remotely from an external control facilities.

In local operation a message can be recorded into one of the two main voice stores via the headset input socket located on the from panel (Beyer DT110 headset recommended). Alternatively a message can be uploaded remotely via the ethernet sockets concatenating pre recorded speech text which is internally stored in the DA6U8 .

Operators can review online or standby messages at any point using the headset. The online voice store is outputted via a balanced 600Ω load to the TX multi combo XLR/jack connector. This can be connected to a loud speaker system or more commonly connected to a local transmitter site. The message online will continuously replay until such a time it is either taken offline or superseded with a new message. New messages can be recorded to the standby store at any point of the broadcast and does not infringe on the broadcasted audio.

DA6U8 is a lower powered ATIS solution designed to withstand long periods of operation. The PA unique power supply is extremely efficient running either at 230V AC or for remote operations 24v DC.

DA6U8 was designed in house using professional open source software and hand built at our production lab in Leighton Buzzard.

If you would like to know more about the DA6U8 please feel free to get in touch and book a demonstration visit.

Available to all commercial Air Fields in the UK.

Currently supplied to Thales ATM.