It’s been a busy start to 2018 for PA in all aspects of the company and we’ve been mainly focusing on finalising the DA6U8 firmware development and filling the calendar with live sound jobs for the summer.

Its almost been exactly a year since PA decided to invest in a considerable amount of public address equipment. To give you some context, when I say a considerable amount, I mean we could comfortably split the gear into around 10 complete rigs of different sizes, all with digital or analogue mixers and an extremely nice selection of microphones…. It was fair to say we were spoilt for choice when it came to speccing for a job but we did had a lot of fun trying out different rigs and finding our favourites!

In December 2017 we reviewed the jobs we had and worked out which rigs we’d enjoyed using and where we wanted to be heading in 2018.
Upon this review we set ourselves the task of selecting one small, medium and large rig which we would use as our main workhorse for 2018. Everything else we’d condemn to an eBay pile to sell in the new year.

So January appeared and we metaphorically climbed into our yellow three wheeler, crammed with a few different rigs and posted them to eBay! To our delight, we got a lot of interest and have shifted a fair amount of gear.

Side Note: Selling on eBay:

Yes the fees are a bit of a pain… but…. ultimately if a sale does go south for what ever reason (i.e. credit card fraud etc…) then they are there to protect you and fight your corner…

If you don’t feel comfortable or something doesn’t feel right about the sale or the person your dealing with, don’t take the risk.

Most people are probably absolutely fine but there are some people out there to get you…
We unfortunately had a run in with one of those and now currently in disputes with action fraud and the Paypal chargeback team 🙁

End of Side Note.

Other than that it’s been a good ‘learning’ curve… And speaking of curves we recently spent a day demo-ing the D&B Line Array V/Y series! I think I’ll save the run down of this into a separate blogpost as it was an incredible day and if I go into it here you may never reach the end of this blogpost!!

As mentioned above, we now have three rigs, all for different sized events and we’re ready to get out there and start putting them to work. In order to showcase the rigs and the kind of services we provide we teamed up with local videographer (and my sister) Kate Eveling who shadowed us on some events last year to generate a promo video.
Enjoy the video and if you would like to discuss any potential sound requirements, please get in touch via the contact page.


Thanks for reading,
Rob Eveling.